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We will be happy to customize memorable sailing events. Here are some details about what we offer:


Windward Sailing Club will help deliver your dreams. No prior sailing experience is necessary. Windward captains will help you experience the wonders and beauty of the Bay and Pacific Ocean. Our fleet consists of both sail and power boats. Once on board your dreams will become reality. Experience the sights,sounds and beauty of Newport Harbor and the Pacific Ocean. Our hands on sailing instructions will have you manning the helm and trimming the sails in less than an hour.
Your adventure will begin sailing the waters of beautiful Newport Harbor. Newport is one of the worlds largest private yacht harbors with over 9000 boats. The water front homes can only be truly appreciated from the water. Harbor seals and Sea gulls will guide you past beautiful vistas you will remember forever.

As you approach the harbor entrance the bell buoy harbor seals will greet and welcome you to the Pacific Ocean. Your adventure of a lifetime has now begun. Sailing along the coastline the breathtaking golden sand beach’s and mountain ranges unfold. As you sail off shore you can ride the swells with dolphins and realize you are “Living The Dream”.

Corporate/Team Building

Team Work: Windward Sailing understands teamwork and the benefits of an experienced crew. Developing a team to set sail and experience operating a sailboat on the waters of Newport Bay and the Pacific Ocean is the ultimate experience.

With an experienced Captain the team will learn all aspects of the boats equipment and nautical terms. The various stations will be assigned and rotated. Each crew member will be responsible for training the next member as the stations are rotated. Experiencing the ability to harness the wind and sail unaided provides the team the ultimate experience of accomplishing there goals.

Corporate Sailing Regattas

The companies teams will set sail on evenly matched boats. Starting with a MAN OVER BOARD drill using a flotation device the team will be required to ” rescue” the team member developing cohesiveness. This is a difficult task and may require several attempts.Each crew member will be assigned positions critical to the exercise . The crew must work together with each position working in conjunction to achieve the goal. This is often the time when leaders emerge and bonds are formed.

The Regatta

Once the crew is set with each position covered by confident sailors, it is time to test the teams. The final task is a race back to the marina. With communication and team work skills developed the completion can get heated, which usually the time for friendship and fun to rule the day.

BENEFITS: Every organization benefits from a high level of communication. This experience requires effective and constant communication. Another benefit is the development of group problem solving skills.

ATTITUDES: The Difference Between Ordeal & adventure.